Brim Graphic, LLC is a file share subscription platform based in Chicago, Illinois. Its creation came about five years ago–when K.W decided her novella series “The Night Havoc, ” would work best as a graphic novel series. We began official production with the graphic novel format in 2021. After several unsuccessful partnerships for “The Night Havoc.” K.W decided to nix the graphic novel format. It became too risky for her small budget. Still wanting a visual element for her project, she decided to make the series a hybrid novel. Which lead to her decision to make the hybrid-novel the official story format. 

Brim Graphic, LLC’s mission is to create stories–showcasing the Great Lakes States in a more positive, empowering light. Our vision for the future is to create more options in content that will foster bigger ambitions and representation within the Great Lakes States. We’ll achieve this by focusing on three principle goals.

Three principle goals:

  • Connect Local Creatives with International Talent for Collaboration
  • Create Content Centered Around the Great Lakes States
  • Provide Opportunities for Local Creatives